As you know, Jackie and I are enthusiastic lovers of the Inland Waterways, to the extent that we have adopted them as our home for the immediate/foreseeable future.


The amazing engineering of the late 18th century as evidenced by the structures of the canals the locks, the bridges, aqueducts, tunnels, and mechanical/gravity lifts, never ceases to impress, regardless of the number of times it is seen and used. The network survives today in no small way because of the volunteers who, over the past two, three, four decades have enabled, and continue to ensure, their retrieval from dilapidation caused by lack of use and maintenance that started with the advent of the railway.

However, all that work and commitment, and the continuance of this great living heritage is at risk because of a government proposal to sell off the assets of the canals.

There is so much that would be lost, not only to we boaters, but to everybody because of, to name only the obvious, the detrimental effect on the flora and fauna associated with the waterways, and the break-up of miles and miles of leisure facility that we can all enjoy.


Please help to prevent this disposal of a national jewel by clicking on the link above and registering your protest. The more individual protests there are, the more likely the petition is to succeed, so please get your whole household to respond, as well as your friends and neighbours.


     Many thanks